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After you have toured the GALLERY OF OBSERVATIONS and decided which observation(s) you want featured on
your Schwartz Shirt(s), proceed to the ORDER PAGE and follow the instructions.

Please note that sales of Schwartz Shirts are limited to the United States and its territories only.

As shown in the examples on this page, Douglas'
observations are artistically expressed in a stylish,
monochromatic design on classic ash gray T-Shirts
(shirt tags removed for illustrative purposes only).

The distinctive Schwartz Shirts design and the
distinguished color of the fabric go well with anything
from denim to formal attire (our opinion on the latter).

are cotton/poly blend and are priced at
$20.00 each for Medium, Large and XL, and $24.00
each for 2XL.
Schwartz Shirts is an exclusive product line of Schwartz Art.
Douglas creatively expresses his views of life through
his original and insightful observations which range
from humorous to philosophical and at times combine
elements of both. Some will make you laugh a little,
while others will make you think a lot.

Topics include: nature and our environment (is there
anything more important?), religion and God (there is
a big difference!), dirty politics and evil politicians
(the two go hand-in-hand!), animal rights (they're being
screwed!), extraterrestrials (they're screwing us?),
corporate greed (what else is new?), war and peace
(not the book!), as well as our perception of time and
reality (indeed!).

With hundreds of observations to choose from, there's
sure to be one or more just right for you or for someone
you know!
Don't have time to wear
hundreds of Schwartz
Shirts or the closet
space to store them?


 The Book of Observations...
A Schwartz Shirts Companion

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Observation 182 in the Gallery of Observations.
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Observation 327 in the Gallery of Observations.
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